Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 Happy Things of a Tuesday

UntitledIn keeping with my reading material I thought it'd be a good day to list about happiness. I almost listed about adoptable dogs so don't be surprised if you see that, too, before day's end. I wound up doing two lists of 5 instead of one list of 10.

List 1: Things that will make me happy in the long term (and might create some frustration or unhappiness [read: hard work] in the short term. 

1. Becoming a certified dog trainer.

2. Losing a little weight/fitting into my clothes better.

3. Working as a freelancer (dog training, piano lessons, virtual assistant, caramel storyteller, social media maven, blogger, photographer)

4. Solving my recurring health problems.

5. Overhauling my home for maximum pleasure and efficiency.

List 2: Things that will make me happy in the short term ( I thought this would be the easier list to write. It was not. It would only have been easy if I could have made every item food which seemed like a bad idea.)

1. Chocolate.

2. Ice cream. (With sprinkles.)

3. Being given the day off starting right...........now.

4. Receiving a piece of fun mail.

5. Going outside to sit in the sun.  (Bring on the heat!)

1 comment:

  1. I am in favor of ALL these things! I further hope that your health problems vaporize in the short term. That would leave room on your list for One More Thing...