Tuesday, June 05, 2012

10 Thingety Thing Things

The Tongue1. Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on the Italy trip. I'm working on a place to keep all this information so I can use it wisely.

2. I am in love with a wine sold only in Maine (It's the dry blueberry I like). I will be in Maine this weekend for a few hours. I'm working on tracking down some of this wine.

3. I got out the hula hoop for Ed last night. It seems that one benefit of going to agility classes is that he now knows exactly what the hoop is for. He doesn't try to sneak under or around it for the treat anymore. Heck, I can get him to go through one way then back the other way before I give him a treat now. This is impossible to put on video when I'm the only human present.

3a. I am now seriously considering putting "Enter my dog in an agility competition" on my life list.

4. Tonight the accompanist and I talk about the possibility of him actually doing the show with me. If he's amenable we'll talk dates in August. I'm nervous but in an excited way.

Miss Carly5. George Zimmerman's lawyers are saying that he lied to the court about his qualifications for being released on bond because activists made him. That is...ridiculous. I certainly hope the court sees it as such and keeps him safe and sound until trial.

6. Our Sueb0b has come up with a very creative way to decrease the importance of one's internal editor. It's creepy but I think it'll work!

7. I haven't seen the season finale of Game of Thrones so no spoilers, please. This spoiler-free gif made me laugh, though!

8. There's a debate in the Sandusky trial about whether victims' identities should be kept confidential. I should say there was a debate. Shakesville talked about the ruling and why it's harmful to all rape trials.

9. Apparently the other day the New York Times lead off an article by saying that men invented the internet. I pretty much love everything about the woman who told them to get their facts straight.

10. Sometimes I have a lot of trouble reading poems on the internet. It's a different kind of concentration for me, I think. This Adrienne Rich poem posted by Irretrievably Broken grabbed me, though. I'd like to leave you with that. I think my new motto might be, "I am wood with a gift for burning."

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  1. re: #2 - I think I had that (and loved it) in '91! Now that I've made my own blueberry wine, I really want to try it again. Yes, that is a hint.

    re: #3a: DO IT.


    (and I can't continue on to current events, because I need an unexploded brain for the rest of today's funfest... so let me just repeat YAY and let that cover #1 as well. And thanks for the poem, which reminds me of my "poem a day" project moldering off in a corner somewhere.)