Friday, July 27, 2012

Fond Remembrances


Pony Express came over last night for takeout and TV, as we often do. Before she left she remembered something.

"Oh! Did you see the gazelle thing?"


"You get Gothamist stuff, right?"

"Yeah, I mean, I skim a lot of it but..."

"A baby gazelle was born in front of everyone. The mother went into labor earlier than they expected so she was out in the habitat and everyone watched. So there's video of the baby trying to walk."

"That is so cool!"

"It's hilarious. They really aren't very graceful. I mean, we called her our little gazelle but she really was!"

You see, Emily wasn't on her feet. She was strong, really strong, but she ran into things and she stumbled and occasionally she fell off things, like the bed. I can't even explain what happened when she rode in a car. All I can say is it's a miracle she never went through the windshield. We learned to watch carefully to save her from herself. Fortunately she was made out of steel so she never really hurt herself but her flailing was not in keeping with her partial German heritage.

I just watched the video of the baby gazelle and Pony Express is right. I miss my dog.


  1. We'll always miss our friends. Nice to hear your remembrances.

  2. Nice to see Emily... (also, green grass, which I had largely forgotten - but mostly Emily).