Friday, July 06, 2012

Things That Are Little


It is, as they say, the little things.

Beach Bag

As a photographer I am an avowed documentarian. I will often show the messy shot, the imperfect, the embarrassing, because it tells the story in a way that the more technically adept pictures didn't manage.


I am deeply grateful and not a little in love with my iPhone because it allows me to catch the moments a little easier, a little faster, a little more often, than I've been able to in the past. The Blackberry was lovely and all but its camera was for shit.

Master of His Domain

Over this holiday I've spent some quality time with some neighbor animals as well as with my own. How they all remain as ridiculous as they are beautiful I do not know. Guess I'll have to keep documenting them until someone can figure it out.

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