Friday, August 24, 2012

UntitledI have a hard time getting things done on a Friday night. I can usually keep up the pretense during the day but by Friday night the give a shit doesn't.

Last night I made a list. I prioritized it into must dos, good to dos, and should I dos. I set out this morning with a song in my heart, and fortunately one on my lips, too, since I had a voice lesson. I even did one of the should I dos by stopping at Colony Records. Glad I did, too. I overheard that they may be entirely closed by the day after I get back from Italy. I walked the dog. I trained him while we were out there. He's really getting good at this loose leash walking thing. I'm super proud of him. Now I'll just have to be brave enough to work us closer and closer to other people while we're doing it.

I was just going to sit down for a minute, really. I deserved that after being out all day. I planned to get right back to the list after a few minutes.

That was almost three hours ago.

Do you have a particular day or evening that's your kryptonite?


  1. Friday nights are my bad nights too. Particularly after a long crappy week. Let yourself have those days. You deserve them. We don't have to be and do all all of the time.

  2. Sorry you had a long hard week.

    I actually don't mean to be hard on myself for tonight in particular. This is a phenomenon that has gone on for years. It's not once in a while, it's like Friday night is made of sleeping and watching TV. It's been this way forever. I don't get mad at myself for it but it'd be nice to know how it works so I could play it for my own advantage.

  3. i've essentially given up doing anything productive on Friday evenings. i come home, handle the dog's need to go out, wait for Chris to get home, and hand over dog responsibilities...then i sleep. sometimes one hour, sometimes three. helps recharge before the weekend.