Thursday, August 02, 2012

In A Matter of Hours...


I'm sitting half-dressed on my couch watching the Olympics and eating a salad. Every so often a notification pops up and I click over to Twitter. Just a few miles away Blogher events have begun. Some are attending the specialty pre-conference day, some are traveling in, some are touring the city. I've at least figured out what I'm going to wear. It's Hazy Hot & Humid, though, so I won't be putting it on until the very last minute.

Cindy isn't here this year. Neither is Suebob. They're probably the people I know best who attend these things. On the flip side, though, Sara is coming and Chrome, too! It'll be different. It'll be the same. It'll be fun. It'll be exhausting.

I'll only be there this evening and tomorrow. I have a wedding to go to in PA that I'm really looking forward to. I anticipate sleeping soundly on the bus down to New Hope after the next 36 hours of shenanigans.  To paraphrase Daniel Osbourne, "Whole lotta hoot, [whole lotta] nanny."

If you're there and want to meet up please call out on Twitter so we can find each other. I'm planning to arrive in time to register before the video address from President Obama. I'm really excited to meet some new folks, learn some new things, and get some inspiration.


  1. Hope to run into you! Also, I was married in New Hope!

  2. I was looking over the itinerary and I was just a teensy bit jealous. But...I'm glad I'm taking a break from it this year.

  3. have a ball! sorry to miss it, two batches of company coming in tonight and it's just not going to happen. will live vicariously though! i know my blog is morphing, and going to do it even more strongly soon, so look forward to sopping up inspiration as i blog-surf the conference stories :).

  4. Glad I got to see you - and to meet Sara.