Thursday, August 30, 2012

News, Information, Pets

Precious IdaIt's the week of the RNC so I kind of ought to do a news and information round up, right?

First, coming in under both categories, I'm about two-thirds finished with Lizz Free or Die and I already feel comfortable telling you that you need to read it ASAP. Nearly home on the subway last night I started the chapter titled Two Dogs One Cup and began to laugh out loud. I couldn't stop reading so I continued to laugh, read, and walk down DeKalb Avenue during rush hour. People moved away from me on the street. I was in danger of being dragged into the hospital as I passed and put on a psych hold. It was totally worth it.

Our Maggie wrote a lovely open letter to Mrs. Romney about her speech the other night."It's not about love."

Derek Powazek has developed a site called Cute Fight. You can put up a profile of your pet and pit it, in all its cutitude, against other profiled/spoiled domestic companions. It's in a limited roll out sort of thing so you have to sign in and ask to be included. I'm feeling too shy to do that but I bet a bunch of you aren't. Can't wait for the full deal to see how Eddie rolls!

Blogher has representatives at the RNC this week. They're doing good round ups of both what's happening at the convention and how people are responding to it in social media. If you're looking for an easily accessible way to get into what's going on in Tampa this is a great start.

Bella Bella For the gun enthusiasts we have in the audience, I want to make sure you've heard that Linda Sharps's husband, JB, has designed an AR-15 lower receiver he's calling Hellbreaker. He's working to get funding to have it tooled for mass production. She has all the information about that over here.

Someone finally built a web site to help performers find rehearsal and performance space in New York City. This is a brilliant idea and I wish them enormous success. I haven't had time to properly explore the site yet so I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has.

Bangladesh recently announced their High School exam results and the girls' scores outranked the boys. This picture of some girls receiving the news is fanfuckingtastic.

There's a guy, a soldier I think, in Afghanistan making marvelous metal sculptures from re-purposed materials.

I'm sure I've told you about Blogher's Community Keynote called Voices of the Year. This year was as moving and inspiring and funny as ever. You can watch it on video from that link above. I recommend it all but if you can only watch one or two start with Shari Simpson. You'll laugh until you ruin a chair. (That last sentence will be funnier after you watch her story.)

Our Suebob gave some important advice to men recently about how to meet women other than in bars or online. Take note, gentlemen, it's funny but she's not kidding.

Apparently the NYPD has a unit specially tasked with spying on Muslims. Don't worry, it's stirred up quite a lot of controversy. A couple of weeks ago we were told exactly how many leads the unit has uncovered. Zero. Please remember, profiling is bullshit.

Elvis At Play I found this quote over at Lindsay's tumblr. It's Easton and Hardy. "“Perhaps if being single were an acceptable, even valued, lifestyle, partnerships might develop more out of choice and less out of necessity or a desperate grab for salvation.” If I had a nickel for every time I'd seen someone use that motivation...

Michael J. Fox is returning to TV, you guys. I hope they give him everything that is great so we can enjoy the crap out of seeing him regularly again.

Did you catch these drawings of all the Doctor Who incarnations as women? It's pretty cool.

No matter how you felt about Paul Ryan's speech last night here are some actual facts about his political record.

Let us go out on a good, nay great, note. Someone wrote to Humans of NY to promote a vendor who did a kind, compassionate, human thing. If you're in his area I hope you patronize his business.


  1. awesome pic of the girls, and hony vendor yes! love that. will check more links if i allow myself another break today, which I'm sure I will ... speaking of breaks, yes to the bbsitting, sorry to not get back to you earlier!! place found (95% sure) but they won't commit till we meet them in 2 weeks, so trying to to freak about that.

  2. i JUST saw a photo of that AR lower on another blog, and i've supported it (because seriously, that sucker's AWESOME looking). i just hate the price tag. if it wasn't going to be nearly $300 i'd buy one, have it powdercoated eye-searing magenta, and acquire magenta parts for it. obnoxiously colored firearms amuse me to no end, particularly when the range i frequent is mostly utilized by old, white, redneck men. they get confused and avoid calling me "lil' girl," and that makes me very, very happy.

    Paul Ryan is terrifying.