Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Small Dog Things

90. Izzie: SurrenderI thought you were going to get an actual essay today. Turns out it needs a few more tweaks and I miss you too much. It's Tuesday, though, so a list of 10 things is perfectly appropriate. How about 10 things my dog did while I was gone?

1. Stayed with Rachel for the first time ever. Bless Rachel! (Also bless Kath who did the first night of his vacation.)

2. Tried to steal Rachel's boyfriend. Success level undetermined, though the one photo I saw was pretty much a mutual snuggle fest.

3. Peed on Rachel's cabinets while she was standing right there. So sorry about that!

4. Ate chicken or steak for every meal. I am such a hard ass not cooking for my dog.

5. Played with every one of Izzie's (pictured) toys, except her beloved rabbit. Apparently he got this distinction about the rabbit without being told.

6. Slept in the living room on his own. Apparently Izzie drew a few lines and allowing him into the bedroom for sleeping was one of them. She slept barricading the door. Go Izzie!

7. Went to Prospect Park for off leash time. Rachel wisely kept him on leash and he didn't seem to mind.

8. Jumped up on the counter and got down a whole bag of treats the dog walker had requested be left out for bribing him. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he shared with Izzie.

9. Stole Rachel's seat on the couch every time she got up. So, pretty much business as usual for him wherever he goes, I guess. I should probably have warned Rachel about that.

10. Barked at me when I met them on the street to retrieve him! Then I spoke and he recognized me and he piped his ass right down.

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