Monday, October 22, 2012

Jack Sprat? Is That You?

You Are The OneA couple of weeks ago Stella's person asked me if I'd be a weight loss partner with her. After some hemming and hawing I was able to admit this was a perfect thing for me and I gathered my materials and ate all the trigger food in my house and buckled down.

A few weeks before that a set of photos started to show up as recently viewed on my Flickr account. I can see some stats for that but not all of them. I know how many people are looking at which photos but it's not always clear where those people are coming from. For the most part this doesn't bother me. Sometimes it's frustrating just because I'm nosy. These particular pictures happen to be ones I took in a dressing room while trying to buy a couple of things that would fit my goal weight frame when I last conquered this gluttonous beast. I have a few of the pieces I bought that day still but not many of them fit me. One thing fits me in fact. I think. No wait, I'd been wearing that when I walked in. Exactly none of the stuff I bought that day fits me.

That's possibly not the point of the story, though. (Might be. Who knows? Let's soldier on and see.)

Someone (maybe not the same person) has been looking at pictures of me every day for nearly a month. This probably means that someone else reproduced the photo (or photos) in a blog post or article but I'll be schnookered if I know where or why.  It's kind of mean, though. I'm 30lbs heavier than I was then. I love that skirt and can't wear it. It's OK that I'm heavier but most of the reason I'm losing the weight is because I hate clothes shopping and I'm too cheap to buy a whole new wardrobe just because I fatted out of the one I already have. Seeing these shots every day shames me. Look at all the effort (shopping and getting healthier) I wasted! Look at all the money I wasted! Look at all the closet space I'm wasting on clothes I can't button now!

So instead of concentrating on the shameful aspects of my fashion blunders let's try to think of some non-shamy plausible reasons that someone is looking at pictures of me trying on clothes in a tiny fluorescently lit cube space five years ago. Old boyfriend? Potential boyfriend? Creeper? Friend who needs new clothes inspiration? Officials from Ann Taylor trying to leverage social media appearances of their clothes? Flickr worker who uses me as a sort of screensaver safety net when they boss walks up behind them in the office? Clown college looking for someone who can fit into those big, red shoes?

What else could it be?


  1. Hm. It wasn't me, but I can recommend this woman's excellent free e-book about food, - I think the Rules won't allow me to put the title on the Internet. But all the cussing is excellent - I just refound her and read this. Plus I adore her rage (more in evidence on the site than in the book), though I will never be the weight-lifting goddess she is. I don't think she's the one looking at your photos, though.

    One more pointless thought: what worked last time might not be what works this time. Actually, I'm going to get started needle-pointing that for myself, next time I forget. That is always, always, true for me, and I always, always spend a lot of time hanging onto the last thing that worked, or seemed to, before I move ahead.

  2. So far what worked before is working. I'm tweaking it with an eye toward longer term success this time, which is something I can only do with the knowledge I have now. So, fingers crossed!

  3. Right on - I love that long-term stuff. I have another link for you, about "173,408 things to pay attention to, other than your scale" - but I'll save that till you tell me you actually need fresh thinking. Sounds like your own thinking is getting the job done, congrats!

  4. I get a lot of perv watchers to some of my pictures on flickr. I think it's funny so I never do anything about it.