Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Photo Challenge: GO/STAY

Here we are again! Some lovely things to share from this prompt. Our Bethany, who we're honoring with this challenge, landed in her new place on Monday. I hope she has internet by now so she can check in with us.

I submitted some more recent shots but this pic of Bethany around mile 9 of the 2010 New York City Marathon just seemed like the right thing for this prompt. She's a champ.

Goodbye New York
Continuing the New York City Theme this is the last picture Our Cindy took as she headed home from her visit this summer. I wish she lived around the corner.

At this point in the challenge we needed some levity. Thank goodness Our Janet thought to provide it. I love when wedding photos make people punchy.

I'm terrified of sailing but when people, like Our Lisa, capture majestic views like this I can almost convince myself to try it again.

I can't find evidence that I haven't done this prompt before. I haven't been able to check thoroughly, though. If I have I think it's been long enough for a repeat. Since today is the anniversary of Emily's death, since Bethany has gone, since I'm road tripping and photo shooting this weekend I want the prompt to be NEAR/FAR. Can't wait to see what we come up with. As always, feel free to go all metaphorical on that prompt.

Please enter by 9am Tuesday October 16 for posting on October 17. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and NEAR/FAR. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration. Also, let me know if you have questions.


  1. aww, thanks! The miles were so painful after that shot, almost hurts to look at. So glad you captured it though.
    Love the similar gorgeous curves in Cindy, Janet, and Lisa's pics too ... swoopy and beautiful. Meant to enter this but didn't get it that together, about to upload the first pics from the move/new place, so hopefully will have something appropriate there.

  2. Bethany's got a good eye, there WERE lots of curves :-)

    I hate when friends move away...or in my case, when I moved away from friends LOL!

  3. Miflohny3:20 PM

    I can't read your prompt without thinking of Grover!