Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Tonight, rather than clean my house or blog or finish the admin stuff for my performing, I made a straitjacket for my dog. It's a dramatic interpretation not a fully functioning restraint device. I have mixed feelings about that. It's not perfect but I did make it all myself (with opinions and materials provided by various and sundry who will be properly thanked in our acceptance speech).

The Costume In Progress

 What did you spend your night doing?

*I also sang through my entire cabaret show and made 2 awesome cuts to it but that's not relevant to the photo.


  1. could you make one for, say, an eleven year old kid? Purely hypothetical question, of course.

  2. Last night was spent getting muddied up by the demon doggeh.

    related: West Paw Designs' Bumi (tug toy) is the best tug toy ever. EVER. He cannot destroy this thing. He's had it for 2 months and chews on it daily, and there are no teeth marks anywhere on it.