Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Reverse

UntitledThere's a lot of talk out there about how people get rich, or even keep their heads above water financially. Everyone wants someone to be working "harder" as long as that person is not them. The story goes that the harder we work the more money we will make and the fewer problems we will have. I'm all about fewer problems.

Right now I have a few jobs. Let's consider a full day's work in two of them.

In Job 1 I get up at 6 am, I walk the dog, I shower and change into office-appropriate clothes and leave my house by 8am. I walk and take the subway to arrive at work at 9, prepare food that is provided for me and sit down at my desk. For the next 8 hours I answer phones, perform internet research, type documents, answer questions, and occasionally calculate some equations. At midday I take a lunch break which is, approximately once per week, combined with work-related errands. If that is the case my break is extended to cover both. I depart on the dot of 5pm and am home to walk the dog by 6.

In Job 2 I get up around 6:30, I shower quickly then take the dog to the park as on a day in Job 1. After gathering my things I walk three blocks to the pick up point by 8:30. There I assist in the loading of heavy items into a car service and by 9 am on the way to the job site. At the site I help unload the items, move them to the sales location, and set them up. By 11am customers are arriving. I interact with customers, make change, pitch the product, restock the table, co-ordinate with co-workers over logistics, and confer with marketers about long term plans for the company. At some point in the day I get a break to use the rest room. (A break. I could take more if I needed it but that would have an impact on my colleagues as well.) When I'm hungry I or another team member purchases food from other vendors for us to eat. Sometimes other vendors will trade items with us so we save money and our company allows that. It does not, however, make for a balanced meal. We eat at our sales location while working. By 5 we pack up, call a car service, load that car, return to the pick up point to drop off, report to our manager, load inventory and other set up materials back into the office, and go home. I am home between 6:30 and 7 to walk the dog.

So I guess the questions are, 1. in which job could it be said that I work harder? and 2. for which job am I paid more and would therefore become rich?

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