Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Three Years

Last week, before I hitched him up for the last walk of the night, I leaned down and breathed Eddie in. He smelled suddenly so much honest-to-goodness dog that suddenly all I could see behind my eyes was Emily and I missed her. Missed her even more than usual.

Em lounges

Three years ago today I lay on the floor with her until it was time to say goodbye. Sure, it gets better, but it's never good. Was she perfect? Of course not. Still, she was the best dog. The very best and I'm still bitter that she's gone.


  1. She was a beauty. I miss her, too. love you.

  2. She was as lucky to have you in your life as you were to have her in yours. People who don't have pets just don't get it.

  3. Kizz, I don't have a dog but wish I could. I get my dog therapy with neighbors dogs and dogs that own friends. This evening I had a massage that included a very special small dog sitting on exactly the right spot on my lower back. She was perfect, I am happy.

  4. xo. never good is right. I still mistakenly call one of the new siblings Dominic sometimes, forgetting for just a moment.