Sunday, October 21, 2012

Virtual Food

My ViewApparently in the wee hours of this morning Kath noticed that Bobby didn't seem to feel well and his stomach looked wrong. Fortunately she knew what that could mean and didn't waste any time getting him to the awesome emergency vet, VERG. He had the bloat. He had surgery. He's recovering, we hope with the great drugs, at the vet today. He's expected home tomorrow and there's no reason to think that he won't come out of this just fine.

All of this does not, of course, keep me from sitting here on my couch sobbing. Bob was the first dog to come visit and stay with me after Emily died. He lay on the couch, right where Emily never let him lay before, with his head on my toes and helped me keep my shit together. The thought of a day where he isn't here to drool on the world is horrifying.

However, today is not that day!

Thank goodness.

Love you, Bob.


  1. Today is NOT. THAT. DAY.

    i love you and Kath and Bobby. Love from me and these asshole cats. We're all sending love.

  2. Aw, just reading this. This is a great shot. Thanks for the lovely post, and he is doing great. Wants to do more than I'm letting him do at the moment (of course), and I'm despondent he can't be at the show tomorrow, but he's HERE. YAYAYAYAY!!! Love you guys.