Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dropping Knowledge

Did you know that when you take an ebook out of the library you can't sneak around the due date? It's not like a physical book where you can just turn it in late and take the fines into consideration. At least it isn't for me, maybe some of you are fancy library-hacking geniuses. When the day comes the library repossesses my book whether I'm done or not. This is terrifying for a Capricorn.

Today I got up, went straight to the local coffee shop and stood outside for two hours. This would have been creepy if Michelle hadn't met me pretty early on and handed me a ton of dog snacks to sell. The shop usually sells the snacks for 50 cents each but today we sold them independently for $1 each to benefit Rescue Ink and their recovery from the super storm. R&S came by a little after that and offered to take my dog away to the park.

I got home, organized the money I'd raised, and took to my bed. I had half a Nora Ephron book to read by tomorrow. It would have gone more quickly if I hadn't integrated naps between chapters. The naps were good, though. The book was good, too. Not as good as I Feel Bad About My Neck but good. And now no one can repossess that experience.

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