Thursday, November 15, 2012


I Was ThereIt's the 15th of the month. We're halfway through. Thanksgiving is a week from today. NaBloPoMo is half over and this is the first I'm mentioning it.

I want to say that this is because I decide last minute to participate and my reasons were really just for me but that implies that in other years I've been selflessly cranking out these 30 gem-encrusted posts for your eternal benefit. Yeah, I don't exactly see it going that way. I do think that in some of the past six years I've joined with the idea of boosting conversation levels here and maybe even increasing readership. Not so this time around, though I'm not opposed to those perks if they magically spring up. The more the merrier, right?

On November 1, the first day of the plan, I thought and thought about whether I was going to do it. It seemed as though I didn't have any strong feelings either way. I didn't even have to decide that day really since it was a weekday and I almost always post on those anyway but it felt like I needed to declare myself. Now, I only declared it in the grimy, doubt-infested recesses of my own mind but I did say quite forcefully that I would do it and no one shouted back that I was full of bullshit so here we are. I've been with NaBloPoMo since the beginning and when I reflected for a minute on what it might be like to just not deal with it this year I felt really sad. Given that it was kicking off a couple of days after a major natural disaster in my area reducing the sad seemed like the only viable choice.

I don't have an aim. I'm not working anything out in these 30 days. I'm just shouting into the void every day, reminding the world (wide web) that I'm still upright. That's not necessarily going to win friends and influence people but I'm ok with that. I'm happy just to be here.

NaBloPoMo, year 7, still loving it.


  1. Has it been 7 years!

    Also, have you noticed a decided decrease in the level of conversation on your blog? I've noticed such on mine, and it distresses me.

  2. People are talking about what we're writing but not all in one place much of the time. Comments aren't a measure of worth. Look at Eden Kennedy's (the founder of NaBloPoMo) site. The number of comments is not in direct proportion to the sphere of one's influence.

    I consider the comments I get on Facebook and in person, and the participation in things like my call for help on Kizz & Tell and the photo challenges just as valuable to me as comments here.

  3. I've become the quintessential lurker. and blogger's captia security thing wears me out to the point of not commenting.