Friday, December 21, 2012

Tradition, Interrupted

You may have been following this year's Santa Saga over here at 117 Hudson. Several weeks ago Alita was the first of us to bring it up and we chose three weekends ago. That weekend she fell ill so we said no problem and postponed to the following Sunday. The following Sunday, still not in tippety toppity shape the Bay Ridge contingent overslept. The youngster had a rehearsal later in the day and this is a crowd that respects rehearsals so I said I'd postpone my departure tomorrow for a few hours and we'd sneak in our visit to the Jolly Old Gent first thing in the morning. Well, I just got an email. Apparently they're both sick enough (fever, phlegm, general malaise) that they feel they need to call it off. I'm sad we'll miss our tradition but absolutely understand. Visiting a germ-infested joy zone while you're also being laid low by the germs is sheer folly. I want them to heal in time for Christmas. We'll make it up to ourselves with a bowling outing in January. Clemo mentioned that this outing was one he looks forward to, even vicariously, so here's a little photo retrospective (reverse chronological order) of our outings to ease our melancholy.

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  1. First, no THIS.

    I jest, of course, and thank you kindly for the pictures. I will just have to drown my sorrow in fresh baked Christmas cookies and egg nog.