Saturday, January 26, 2013

Change Your Tune

UntitledYou know that phenomenon where the bigger the bag you're carrying the more stuff you put in it? Carrying a clutch purse and you manage to get along perfectly well with your phone, some money, and maybe a magazine. Upgrade to a tote and you suddenly need some aspirin, an extra scarf, your hard bound copy of War & Peace, even flip flops in case your shoes start to chafe.

Now that the show is over I'm taking a break from voice lessons until March. The plan was for great swaths of empty time peppered with moments of catching up with people I hadn't seen while I was preparing. So far I don't have even one day off. Goodbye parties, concerts, bowling dates, movies, and extra work to rebuild the coffers. It's going to be like that for a couple of weeks. While I'm glad to see everyone and don't want to disappoint anyone I'm sad that the freedom thing didn't really work out the way I'd planned*.

Are you the kind of person that would love a lazy lone weekend or for whom that sounds like the next step up from waterboarding?

*Just trust me when I say that I'm busy on President's Day Weekend. Don't ask any questions.

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  1. I am totally all over loving a lazy lone weekend... maybe it's a Capricorn thing?!? All I know is... I do like to socialise and see friends but man, if I don't get my down time, I get crotchedy. I hate being busy every night of the week... I had one of those two weeks ago and the period leading up to Christmas this year was insane!! I am very good at procrastinating, lounging around in my pjs, maybe watching some DVRed tv, maybe reading a book or checking up on emails. In fact, I was supposed to go out tonight and I bailed and no, I don't feel guilty about it.

    I will say, however, that I am more social when the days are longer and it doesn't get dark so early. So I'm definitely out and about more in the warmer/summer months.