Friday, January 04, 2013


UntitledOver her four years as Secretary of State I've grown much more fond of Hillary Clinton than I ever was of her as a political candidate or First Lady. I always liked her but I hadn't jumped with both feet into the deep end of the Hillary Clinton pool of awesomeness. Lately, though, I've really just fallen for her. I like what she says and how she says it and her even-toned way of dealing with people after being battered by her place in the public eye for so long. So, I was upset when I heard that she was hospitalized for a blood clot in her head. Turns out it was from a recent head injury and not life threatening but the media was, of course, playing up the death card.

Then a couple of days ago I found out that that media wasn't the only group turning this serious but treatable medical incident into the Vesuvius of check-ups. Apparently there are a bunch of weird theories about what's really going on with Clinton's health. Mostly there are unsurprising stupid ones about how she's faking sick to get out of taking responsibility for the killings in Benghazi.  Apparently there's one, though, that posits that she's covering up for being on a plane that flew a secret mission into Iraq. Because all Secretaries of State actually participate in military actions. I love when crazy gets crazy enough that you can laugh rather than cower in fear.

So, on this Friday I ask you, what's the most outrageous thing you've heard lately? It doesn't have to be about Hillary Clinton.


  1. That onions are some kind of bacteria-sponges, so you can either 1)cure your family of the flu by leaving them cut around your house or 2) give your family food poisoning by using onions that have been cut and then refrigerated. Sigh. Dumbness prevails

  2. The toxic politics in the US have really given rise to some wacko ideas, and while some are funny, others are a little scary. Not scary because they might be true, scary because it's weird to contemplate someone who would actually believe that. Republican members of Congress from Texas seem to be particularly eager to latch onto wacko ideas.

    I haven't heard the onion thing, though!

  3. This is what happens when you skim. Before Suebob posted I had skimmed the first half of the article on onions. I had no idea about poisoning people! Yikes!

    I'm afraid people are latching on to way too much stuff these days.