Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 Pieces and Bits

WhenThings I've been wanting to share.

1. Karen Wolrond has cleared up why her self portraits are always so good. She's not screwing around spending 5 minutes in the bathroom mirror right before bed. You get what you pay for, even if you're paying in time and effort.

2. I finally finished processing all my photos from Italy. Huge weight off to finally have them out in the world. Man, what a great trip!

3. I'm finding myself grimly fascinated by the case of Oscar Pistorious and his now dead girlfriend. Over at Shakesville there's talk about how, in an extremely confusing statement, he talks about feeling fear and vulnerability and how men in our culture (white, straight, cis men) don't learn to live with fear and work through it. I would even extrapolate that to say that we don't, as a culture, tend to raise men to sit with, process, and accept as normal any feelings except perhaps anger. I don't think we're doing anyone a service with this approach.

4. I am intrigued by Stephen Falk's short summary of this book, the title, and the cover art. Can anyone give me a personal recommendation?

Citrusy Something 5. I have a thin connection to Burger King's administration. After yesterday's shenanigans I'm wondering if I should use that to see if they want a new social media director.

6. The top picture of POTUS in this post cracks me up every time I look at it.

7. I have been against the building of Atlantic Yards and the Barclay Center since the beginning. It's inaccurate to say I'm happy to hear that most of the employees don't have health insurance more like I'm unsurprised.

8. 21 states will soon ban insurance coverage of abortion. I'm running out of ways to explain that this is wrong and stupid. Not only should every citizen of our fair country have the right to govern her own body but if you let the skills for this procedure die out then you're looking at a host of health problems and deaths that are non-fetus-related. I'm taking suggestions on how to get the country to wise the fuck up.

9. I have recently discovered The Disgruntled Bookseller. It seems he and I share a love for The English Patient.

10. As you know I've been thinking a bit lately about when one's appearance might keep someone from socializing (update: there is scabbing in the healing process, also a little bleeding, it's kind of gross). This story from Advanced Style made me really happy.


  1. that pic of him cracks me up too :-)

  2. Miflohny2:11 PM

    Thanks for the info regarding Atlantic Yards. I need to write an e-mail response to an NPR article about the Barclays Center, and that will help.

    Regarding abortion, Medical Students for Choice was founded because Med Students felt they weren't being trained adequately or at all in regards to abortion and family planning. They seem to be a really good, and unfortunately very necessary, organization. I'll have to give to them again soon!