Tuesday, February 12, 2013

9 + 1 Foods

Will BusterSome neighbors invited me to their rocking Korean New Year party. All the food was homemade and there was much of it. I wanted to record what we had so I wouldn't forget and my 10 Things Tuesday list seemed as good a place as any. 

Note: I got halfway through before I realized I was using the word 'delicious' for every entry so please understand that the delicious is implied.

9 Things We Ate at the Lunar New Year Party (Korean Style)

1. Skewers of sweet, tender beef cooked over a fancy brazier that sat on the dining table.

2. Clear noodles with finely chopped veggies and a little meat.

3. Meat dumplings.

4. Dessert rice, which I think is traditionally lucky for the new year. It had dates and pine nuts and sugar and honey in it.

5. Wine.

6. Spinach or kale pancake things.

7. Pecan pie (I think that's non-traditional).

8. Sparkling wine.

9. More dessert rice (it was that good).

1 Thing We Didn't Eat

1. Snake

Photo is from my trip to China. I don't have any photos of the party. I was too busy stuffing food in my maw to take any.

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  1. Miflohny2:30 PM

    Yes, I imagine it would be unlucky to eat snake at the start of the year of the snake. Were there any scary snake decorations though? I heard a story about snake-themed items for sale wherein and attempt was made to make them look more friendly, with long eyelashes and the like.

    I saw the most adorable little girl in Target on Sunday. I'm fairly certain she was Chinese and she was dressed in a very fancy old Chinese style red satin dress. She must have been in some sort of performance or something, as her mom & brother were not dressed up.