Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photo Challenge: HEARTFELT

Happy Almost Half Price Candy Day (February edition), you guys! We've got some HEARTFELT photos to launch you into the loving frame of mind. Some marvelous stuff here, please let the photographers know that you appreciate them. Scroll down for a new prompt.

Our Bethany's Grambie died last week. While it wasn't exactly unexpected it is still a terrible blow. This moment was captured by Bethany's husband, Michael, on their last visit together.

2011 November 112 Susie Tree wish
Please click through and read up on this shot from kcinnova. It's a message from a memorial tree planting project called The Susie Forest and it's beautiful.

Finnegan Takes a Sick Day
I can't say enough about what wonderful guys Our Lisa is raising. Here her guy is showing off Finnegan. Finnegan is having a sick day, poor thing, but I think he's in extremely capable hands.

Young Carter
I thought this was a shot of one of Our Cindy's relatives until I looked more closely at the tags. Former President Carter was quite a romantic!

This might be my very favorite photo of the whole trip to Italy (finally finished processing all the photos on Monday night, only took 5 months!). Queen Bee enjoying the garnish on our amazing house special cocktails with our pizza lunch on Murano. Delish!

UPDATE: Late breaking entry. I hate it when people want to be in and get left out.

Hearts:  Here, There, and Everywhere
Pretty sure this is one hand belonging to Our Janet and one belong to Her Dave. I think they might like each other.

There was a State of the Union speech last night. We're coming up on President's Day. A couple of days ago I got a brief history of the creation of Liberia (hint: it's directly related to slavery in the US) from a neighbor. Monday Aaryn Belfer shared this video and post by a friend of hers. To say that DIGNITY is on my mind a bit is an understatement. So, that's our prompt. Go to it!

Please enter by 9am Tuesday February 26th for posting on February 27th. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and DIGNITY. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration. Also, let me know if you have questions.


  1. seriously? I didn't give you a photo for HEARTFELT??? WTH! :-(

    Is Finnegan a fox?

    Sorry about Bethany's grandmother...

    I remember the Susie Forest! Such a cool shot :-)

  2. Last photo I have from you is the awesome shark one of Dave that we used last time. I was sorry but figured you were busy and didn't want to pile on pressure.

  3. oh, feel free to remind me! I NEVER would not want to participate in this :-) And thanks for adding my pic! <3

  4. i couldn't do this one. i was all ready, then i went through the photos i'd taken that awful week and December and...just couldn't do it.

    all of these shots are lovely.

  5. Totally get that. Another friend is having to say goodbye to their dog today. Can't stop thinking about them. SUCKS.

  6. Is that what that's called? Do you know what's in it? I do not but I liked it!

  7. love every single one, and especially how varied the interpretations are. great set!