Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: J.O.B.

Some days I get to go to work and dress up like this and eat free sandwiches and cavort around scaring the citizens of New York. To collect a paycheck for that is one of my greatest joys.

Other days I have to put on a nice sweater and carry a duffle bag in from home so I can transport a malfunctioning printer to the Geek Squad so my boss can print emails herself, poor lady. Frankly, I'd rather be back in Brooklyn having a delicious meaty lunch with Sara to celebrate her 2nd Gluten-free-aversary. Go on over and congratulate her, will you?

Hope you're enjoying your work today!


  1. best job ever!!!

  2. Thanks, Kizz! Working on the menu for the day you *do* take off to have lunch with me :)