Thursday, March 07, 2013

Public Is Better

Today I must publicly apologize to my dog. For all this time I have told people he's a terrible catch, might be partially blind, don't waste the effort on him.

Last night in our final tricks class one of the skills we worked on was catch. I laughed and said he was terrible at it and prepared to have a little fun even if it was going to be at my dog's expense.

I started with the highest value treat in my arsenal, cheese, because I wanted him to have as good a chance as possible even though he was definitely going to fail. One of the trainers, Christina, held his leash and I tossed a piece of cheese...SNAG! We all celebrated and laughed at how he was so lucky on his first try. Second piece...SNAG! And on it went. He leapt, he dove, he scooped. I hear the Mets could use some help in the outfield. If they can work out a way to use balls made of cheese I might have someone for them. Seriously, in ten minutes or so of tossing cheese to him he missed maybe five times. Then we switched to a squirrel toy and he was equally adept at that. (Note to the Mets: If you can play with a stuffed toy that might also work.)

Then and there I vowed to correct my ongoing slander (it's slander, right, libel is in writing, damn, I probably need to correct the libel, too). So here is a video (you know I'm serious, I'm using video) in which my dog proves that he's a great long as he likes what you're throwing. Don't throw him some nasty dry biscuit, that's not worth the effort. Shown here: Scooter Snacks courtesy of the fabulous Michelle.

*I seem to be able to embed the video but not center it. Sorry.


  1. gah, his little curly tail is adorable when it wiggles. i guess that's the pug in him.

  2. Whoa, there's some crazy game involving dogs and infields and scoring that we haven't invented yet, and Ed is ALREADY WINNING.

  3. Huh. Abbie Lynn can't catch to save her life. Maybe I will try cheese.

  4. Miflohny2:39 PM

    So funny!

    The curly tail may be vanity. My dog growing up was a complete mutt and completely different than pugs or Eddie. He curled his tail when he was young and vain. And when he got older and didn't care anymore about how he looked, he stopped!