Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Listen To Your Mother 10 Times

UntitledI started promoting Listen To Your Mother a bit last month. After several people replied to my missives apologizing about missing it (they seem to have seen MAY and read MARCH) I decided I'd scale back my efforts until April when the M thing wouldn't get in the way. Naturally, 10 Things Tuesday is a great place to kick off the April knowledge drop about the Listen To Your Mother movement.

1. Here's a video on the concept by creator (inceptor?) Ann Imig. You know I'm reluctant to watch videos (I'm a weirdo) but I have watched and loved this. Short, funny, genuine, and fun!

2. The NYC show is on May 12th at 5pm at Symphony Space. That's Mothers Day in case you didn't notice.

3. You can buy tickets here.

4. There will be shows in 23 other cities. If there's one near you I strongly encourage you to support it.

5. Each show benefits a local charity organization. The depth and breadth of the choices for supporting our community members is staggering.

6. NYC's honored organization is Family to Family.  This is a group  who pairs families who are in a position to give with families who are in a position to receive help. Some families are going through a variety of "normal" setbacks and some of them are specifically recovering from the storm damage in our area. People still need help getting back to their new normal and we're glad to be doing our part. The more tickets you buy, the more help is given, because 10% of all ticket sales go to Family to Family.

Untitled 7. There is no LTYM show in the northeast - CT, MA, NH, ME, VT. One of the NYC cast members is traveling down from the Berkshires because ours is the closest show to her home and she felt called to share her story. I sat next to her at our first rehearsal and, damn, I'm so glad she shared. Another cast member is traveling from CT. I read after her and had to take a moment to collect myself before I could go on. They're that good, you guys. All it takes to start a show is a dedicated group of intelligent, committed women. Please consider starting a show of your own.

8. Our Misti is part of the group of fantastic women celebrating the inaugural year of LTYM in Oklahoma City. Her show is on and they are supporting Infant Crisis Services, Inc.

9. Misti read in the Northwest Arkansas show last year. You can see video of her story here.

10. I sent out an email to a small group of friends who have their own businesses letting them know of sponsorship opportunities with our production. Michelle wrote back immediately, set up a call with producer, Holly Rosen Fink, and had finalized her sponsorship less than 24 hours from the time I sent the email. I sent her a note thanking her for taking a chance on my recommendation. She wrote back, "It's no risk. I've seen you perform. This is going to be great." That, right there, is one of the greatest compliments I've ever received. Regardless of how you view my performance, though, there are so many stories in the line up that Holly, Amy, Varda, & Shari have assembled that reach inside you and ring the bells on your heart. I really, really want you to see this.

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