Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Stories

I had my camera with me so I took some pictures during our Listen To Your Mother rehearsal last night. These are just a very very few of them. The rest will be on Flickr soon. Promise. Have you bought your tickets yet?

Momma D!

You know what can make you nervous? Taking a picture of a photographer. Nivea made it easy, though.

I'm so glad I got this particular pose of Virginia's before she a. uncrossed her legs and b. made me cry too hard to keep shooting.

Holly & Varda
A conference at intermission to discuss how best to break it to us that we still have some tickets to sell. (Who knows how long they'll last, buy now!)

You know how you can tell that LPru is a pro? Sister can find her light in a blackout! Thanks for finding the pretty spot!

I'm trying not to kick myself for missing the focus here but I love the way Nicole is expressing what we all feel after we've bared our souls a bit in front of a group of (relative) strangers. How beautiful is she? And brave? I can't wait for you to hear.

Speaking of focus, when you hear Sofia's story you'll get an extra laugh over the fact that I managed to focus on her breasts here instead of her face.

It's a rare talent to be able to honestly enjoy watching a show you're directing instead of listening to your mind racing around all the things you still have to do. Fortunately Amy has that talent.

Rebecca's smile makes me happy.

Whenever I see Jaime I turn into an old lady and think, "His mother must be so proud." We'll find out on May 12th at 5pm at Symphony Space!


  1. Thanks for these beautiful pictures Kizz! Your words make me that zen as a director. the rest of the time I'm all over the place. Here's my blog post on that same rehearsal:

  2. Loved reading this and seeing these photos. It was MAGICAL.

  3. You make me want to be there!!