Friday, June 14, 2013

After Song

UntitledThis could be a very short post.

The show was wonderful!

Boom. Done.

From my perspective it was the best of the run of this show. I had this corroborated by at least one person, too, so I feel comfortable telling you about it. Two things contributed to that success. The first is that I realized at some point while I was getting ready that this might be the last time I get to do this particular show for a long time so I might as well take advantage of that sort of freedom. Also, Pony Express came by to make sure I had my head screwed on straight, as there was some question earlier in the day, and before she left the green room to take her seat in the audience she told me, "Close your eyes, take a breath, and remember the first time you realized you belonged here." It wasn't easy to narrow it down to one time and to be sure it was the first but I got one that meant a lot to me. The giddiness and excitement I felt all those years ago was infectious in the best way.

Possibly the best moment of the night could easily have been the worst. For some reason the song in the show that I've known the longest, "If I Were A Bell" from Guys & Dolls, is the one I have the most trouble getting through. I mix up lines or forget where I am or just wind up trailing off all together in a dribble of syllables. I was having a glorious time doing the show, it was so much fun that I actually started to groove out a little as Daryl played the intro to the song. Head down, eyes closed, I listened to the music and knew exactly where I was supposed to come in. I breathed and looked up and yet...there were no words in my mouth.

It could have gone a lot of ways but in the same way that the words just weren't there laughter was. I burst out laughing and told everyone the truth. I was having so much fun I failed to come in on time. They laughed and I'm pretty sure it was with, not at, me. Then I asked Daryl to start again and we did and when my cue came up again the words were right where they were supposed to be. So were all the rest of the words for the song and the show. It was actually one of those moments in live performance that make it better than other kinds. No one is ever going to see that show go exactly that way ever again.

If the goal is to go out on a high note then I reached goal and kissed it square on the mouth.

P.S. I got my 20 folks because I know awesome people who aren't afraid of drowning in the streets (even when they should be). Thank you to everyone who attended!

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  1. I'm so glad your show went well! I've always wanted to do something like that (I was a vocal performance major in college) but have never quite gotten up the gumption, so good for you!