Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Another One of Those Days

Baxter Makes Friends

Yesterday my cousin and aunt said goodbye to their boxer, Baxter. I haven't gotten the full story but I do know that he was getting on in years so his departure might have been coming for a bit. That, of course, doesn't make it any easier to take.

Baxter was one enormous ball of muscles constructed out of love. With a side of tongue, the better to lick you with. He was a persistently adoring goofball...unless you were a woodchuck. (Be thankful I spared you the photo of him showing off his trophies.)

Baxter Likes Ice Cream

It's time to follow our tradition to honor him. Today is a Treats for Everyone Day in Baxter's name. No matter what your pets may be doing at least they're here to do it so it's time to shower them with all that they love best. When I get home Ed and I are taking a walk with Leah & Rocket and I'll probably bring along something extra disgusting for the boys to snack on. And, though it's against all of the doctors' orders I'll probably give the cats some dog kibble. I know that sounds ridiculous but they love that stuff.

Godspeed sweet boy, you're deeply missed.

Baxter Sits

*All photos are unabashedly stolen from my aunt's facebook feed. The last one is my favorite photo of Baxter ever taken. He was a good supervisor.


  1. Aw, dogs. DOGS! Baxter looks like a great pup, and like he was the Boss of Everything.

  2. He was the boss until my aunt got him a couple of chihuahuas then he turned into a loyal and biddable subject.