Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Poll for My Betterment

UntitledI'm working from home on Mondays in August. It's a delicious luxury for which I am endlessly grateful. Inspired by a conversation with Misti I decided that I would challenge myself to finish one larger project in my home every week while I have this saved time not being used on commuting and all the attendant time suck of getting to the office. So far I have deep cleaned the bathroom (keep in mind that my definition of deep may be shallower than yours but it's still deeper than I've cleaned in a long time) and thoroughly cleaned my floors (similar disclaimer here about my definition of thorough). Not sure what to do next so I thought I'd take a poll here. Please state your preference in comments! Thank you for your assistance.

1. Finish my filing (bought the filing cabinet a couple of years ago, though I have filed many things I have yet to file away every piece of paper).

2. Deep clean the refrigerator (like wash all the shelves and stuff, too).

3. Go through my clothes and cull the discardables. This one could get emotional but in a good way.

4. Clean and reorganize my big storage closet. This will be a physical, hateful thing.

5. Finish backing up and fixing my external hard drive issues resulting in reclaiming my coffee table which has been a computer table since, like, Christmas.

6. Finish selecting the photos for the photo book of our Italy trip.

7. Take some action on the photo book about Eddie and his previous dog walker that I have in the pipeline but have not taken step 1 on. It will be my first foray into really designing and setting up photos.

8. Redesign my blog.

9. Completely clean and reorganize my kitchen counter and cabinets.

10. Nothing.


  1. I'm going with #2, then #9. Clean kitchen will inspire you to cook beautiful and healthy foods. Then you will really need to tackle the clothes clean out one because you'll need room for all the new clothes you'll need to buy from eating well.

  2. I like the way you plan long term.

  3. julie9:58 PM

    #2 takes surprisingly less time than one assumes. (I know because I've been forced to do so when, say, a child leaves a glass of milk on a high shelf, and then a husband knocks it over when returning the pickle jar. Hypothetically speaking). And you feel like you truly accomplished something!
    That will inspire you to do #5, which, girl, you deserve to have your coffee table back.
    Then do something you'll really enjoy, like #6 or #7, as a reward.

  4. Oh, honey, you have a much higher opinion of me than I deserve. Picture what would happen if the milk/pickle scenario went into effect and you gave an ineffectual swipe with a paper towel and moved on with your life. Now think about how many times milk/pickle scenarios can happen. Now think about how long I've lived in this apartment.

    I'm sorry for dropping that awful truth.

    I do deserve to have my coffee table back. And so do my guests.

  5. Definitely #2, you might be surprised at what you find in the very back. #9 is also a really good idea. If you get both of those done, come visit me and do the same here. It seems to me that #4 might be a 2 day job, that is if it looks anything like mine. :-)

  6. I'm going against the grain to suggest #3... If you have stuff other people could wear or charities can sell, you're doing good twice.

  7. I vote for #5 because I lost a ton of important stuff when my hard drive crashed and I hadn't backed up anything. Now I use Carbonite, an online back-up service, to back up all of my files.

  8. I think they'll all get done, maybe even before Labor Day but it helps to have a defined "What next?" before the weekend. I do actually often spread the work over a couple of days and try to get it done before the at home Monday so I can enjoy that and be a little lazy.

    Thanks for mentioning Carbonite. I have a coupon from them that I got at BlogHer and I think that will simplify my process.

  9. You should have seen the list C and I created of all the things we wanted to get done before the baby was born! He definitely had more of a nesting instinct than me. And we worked away at it (it helped she was late) and did get a lot of it accomplished, including rearranging the kitchen cupboards! Our fridge is okay, though; I'm pretty anal about that so it gets cleaned out once/week.