Friday, August 09, 2013

Are We Lovin' It?

UntitledThere's a sort of Starred File equivalent in Bloglovin', the feed reader I switched to after Google Reader went away. This will be my first attempt at a linky sort of post using that. Let's see how that goes, shall we?

First let me just post a link to my bleeding heart. Oh, this sweet pup in California. I want her!

Here's a sort of interesting story about some thieves who returned their loot. It's got a Robin Hood vibe but it's also sort of twisted and wrong.

I don't currently have an active alcoholic in my sphere but this post speaks to all kinds of addictions and it came at a good time for me. Ellie was one of BlogHer '13's Voices of the Year. After reading her work for so long it was lovely to hear her speak her story to the masses.

Related but not attached in any way, Sarah Brown is guest posting over at Dooce and she did a pro and anti procreation post. I like it.

Speaking of BlogHer, they ran two posts in tandem both for and against the institution of marriage. After reading them I feel like they were both kind of against but who am I to judge?

Tanis Miller has brought the great Canadian debate of our times to my attention. I don't even know which side to stake my claim on. Reynolds. No, Gosling. No! Reynolds! No...

Oh, and I posted over at Kizz & Tell for the first time since March. I could use your feedback if you have a minute. Of course all the old rules apply, it's about sex and bodily functions and if you're uncomfortable seeing me in that way please don't torture yourself...or me.

Let's take this baby full circle and end with another dog. I've met a bunch of greyhounds. Not one of them had this problem

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