Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tough Choices


I read two blog posts today that, had I been alone, would have reduced me to a sobbing mess. As I was sneaking my reading in on breaks at work I managed to hold my cover but the stories will stay with me. When you get a moment in this noisy, bright, angry world see if you can give these a read.

Dooce's sister and her family said goodbye to their dog Beau. Heather points out that her sister's children, in letting go of Beau, have had to do something incredibly hard that their parents, not having childhood pets, never had to do.

Heather Solos, a blogger new to me but not, I'm sure, at all new to the internet, said goodbye to her sister recently in a heart wrenching chain of events. While she processes that she gives really important advice about dying and legacy in America.

Today I've been in that place where every tiny slight has made me want to just burn people to the ground and piss on the ashes. After reading these I think I have a hold on myself. I'm looking forward to going home, snuggling a dramatic little dog, and drinking wine with friends.

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