Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Fluffer Nutter*

UntitledThere's a chance that this post could just be a bunch of fluff. Maybe not, though. Only one way to find out!

As far as I'm concerned this dog can photo bomb all it wants.

Did you know that Mia Wasikowska and Jesse Eisenberg are dating? I did not. I do not know them in any way beyond having watched them do their acting things on screen but this news pleases me. I can imagine them making each other happy. (But I am not imagining that in a dirty way. Well, I wasn't. But now...)

I learned about the Milken Educators Award the other day. Seems like a pretty ding danged good thing to support.

I once did an acting exercise based on the techniques of auteur Mike Leigh. Our scenario was much like something that happened on a local commuter train last week. I was killed within the first 10 seconds of the scene. I'm still kind of embarrassed about that.

I know that you've probably had it up to here (here is very high, maybe even above your head) with the whole Miley Cyrus/twerking thing. Let me urge you to read just one more thing on the subject, though. It's Neil...getting it right.

In the event that you do not know the basics of Emmett Till's murder (I did not) here's a short run down. Still heartbreaking after all these years.

Some of the most interesting and thought provoking work I've ever done has been in prisons and detention centers. While I've never had a long term job in the prison system I've been fortunate to go in on a short term basis and work with inmates occasionally. The news of this camp for children of incarcerated  parents is inspiring to me.

Untitled As much as I love the Dog Shaming site most of the stuff people complain about is just normal dog stuff that they should be managing or training around. This one, however, feels like it could have happened to anyone and wow, I'm so so sorry it did.

It's photos like this that make me wonder if getting one of the wolf hound breeds maybe isn't the craziest thing I've ever thought of.

The Black Hats are winning. We've lost a lot of abortion providing clinics recently. This is madness, you guys, and it must stop.

If my dog was in a marrying type of household he would totally pull this...after demand barking and jumping up on everyone on the dais for a while.  (P.S. I'm no fashion maven but those flowers are way too big for that dog.)

You have probably also read a lot about Antoinette Tuff. I hope so! If you haven't, though, I urge you to learn about her experience in a school office connecting with a heavily armed man and convincing him to lay down his weapons and surrender. She's who I wish I'd been in the improv scene I talked about up at the top and in life.

Neil Gaiman doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who gets himself into situations where he might be arrested. He was still nice enough to post these handy guides on how to comport yourself when being questioned by the police. They're short and informative and Carmencita, who is a lawyer, has confirmed for me that the steps they outline are valid.

That seems like a pretty good place to stop. Keeping us all out of jail so we can keep blogging...what else is there to say, right?

*For the record, I despise marshmallow fluff.


  1. I'm very concerned about the erosion of women's rights and the closing of abortion clinics. In my state (Iowa) they are currently trying to stop the practice of remote doctors providing medication that causes an abortion. The doctors see the patients via a camera over the Internet and if it is so indicated, they trigger a locked drawer to open that contains the medication. This enables women in remote areas to receive the care they seek.

  2. love the miley cyrus one :-)

  3. Ummm... that improv scene wouldn't have been the one we did with Chris at theatre school involving a bus would it? God, one of the most traumatic acting scenes in my life- I remember being really shaken at the end of it... though I don't remember you dying right away...