Sunday, October 06, 2013

Add On!

Moose's RevengeYesterday I worked at a big event in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. At one point in the afternoon a BBG employee and her friend came to the booth with a service dog. That dog, Beta, looked like my Emily. They weren't a perfect match physically, Beta was much closer to the full breed German Shepherd model, but their general shape and expression were unmistakeably similar. What's more she is only 3 years old so if you believe in reincarnation....

Beta's person was generous enough to allow me to meet and pet her companion and I loved her. When I asked how Beta was working the woman said that she was amazed and proud of the concentration Beta showed in a high distraction environment like the Gardens but sometimes she steals sandwiches. The more I learned the more she seemed like Emily.

Patient dogs with personality. That's my weakness.

Remember, we've got a contest going for pet Halloween costumes and I just got news that PetSmart will be including a Halloween toy when they send the winner their costume. Please head over and enter here!

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