Friday, October 04, 2013

Looking Sharp With PetSmart

UntitledThis is the first time I'm partnering with a sponsor formally and I'm doing it because this particular subject gives me a little thrill. You know how I am about pets at Halloween.

In July, as part of Blogher, I went to a breakfast sponsored by PetSmart and they introduced us to a number of products from their stores. (We heard a hilarious story about Martha Stewart's strict product testing that I'm dying to tell you but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share it here.)

The main focus of the discussion was Halloween. PetSmart has recently acquired rights to some classic characters for costumes and they are expanding their inventory to include outfits for more than just your purse-friendly dogs like mine. I even got to hold a guinea pig dressed up as a pumpkin (see picture below!). Dude, that is a good way to start your day! At the end of the event we were given the costume of our choice for our pet. You can see above what I chose and how Ed regarded it as an acting challenge.

UntitledIf you've been following here for any length of time you know how seriously my neighborhood takes Halloween and how seriously I take being a part of the neighborhood. My dogs have both been amazingly tolerant of this annual requirement, thank goodness, culminating in Ed's star turn last year where he not only wore his costume but performed!

I have so much fun with this that I wanted to share the feeling and PetSmart has kindly offered to help me help you decorate your pet in the name of All Hallow's Eve. All you need to do is leave a comment here telling me how delightful my dog looks in a costume what your favorite Halloween costume (human or other animal) ever is. You'll get a second entry if you include a link to a photo of said costume. Remember this isn't just about little dogs, it isn't just about dogs, PetSmart can help you disguise your big dog, your cat, even your guinea pig so please don't be shy about entering and about passing the word.

Entries will be taken until midnight next Thursday, October 10th, and I will announce the winner on October 11th. You'll need to respond quickly so we can get your mailing address and costume choice to the folks at PetSmart well in advance of Halloween.


  1. Ooh, goodie! Your dog does look fantastic in a costume, and it is impressive how he's willing to match his facial expressions to Eeyore. You already know that Emmett as a stegosaurus is (and will always be) my favorite dog costume, ever. Digging for a photo...

  2. oh man.

    my favorite costume of ALL TIME? Rainbow Brite. my mother made that costume by hand, because she's awesome. and i rocked that sucker.

    1. PS: did you coach Ed on his Eeyore impression? :P

  3. Loved my little boy as Tigger -- back in the day when I got to choose his costume all by myself.

  4. I know I'm late, but I had to share these pics of Max in his skeleton costume with you! Ed looks adorable!!!