Friday, October 11, 2013


YearningIf money were no object I would get costumes and toys for everyone! I tossed the entries into The Randomizer, though, because that was easier than picking for myself. The winner is....

Our Sara!

This means that the dog pictured here, Our Bucephalus, is about to face costuming. Sara, go check out what PetSmart has to offer for dog costumes* (unless you plan to costume one of the cats or the turtle) and let me know by email (Kizzbeth117 at gmail dot com) so that our lovely contact can get something sent to you ASAP.

Thank you all for joining in. I hope we can do more of this some time.

Happy Halloween!

*You can refine that search by dog size to make life easier.


  1. Ooh! We win we win we win! Ooh! I think I'll pick a scary, scary costume and glue stegosaurus fins onto it, and he can be the ghost of Halloween-costume-dogs past.

  2. congratulations Sara!

  3. That is one good looking dog!