Friday, November 29, 2013


Annual Dog In The Clean Living Room Photo

Today I had my annual post-Thanksgiving Open House of Gluttony. It was a fantastic day filled with firsts. First time the roasting pan was clean before the first guest arrived. The first time the tablecloth was in the hamper the same day as the party. The first time attendance of a number of guests. The dishwasher is chugging along. There is only one dish soaking and it honestly needs soaking I didn't just leave it in the sink "soaking" because I couldn't face another dish (I had so much awesome help). There's plenty of food and yet there's also a little space left in the fridge. The whole event feels like a miracle.

On the day of one of the early open houses Emily saw the clean, slipcovered couch and struck a pose in the center of it. She looked so fabulous I made that picture a tradition. I might have let the tradition go when she died but on Eddie's first Open House Day he jumped up in exactly the same spot and struck exactly the same pose. Today's pose isn't exactly the same but I think it follows the spirit of the tradition if not the letter of it. I'm a sucker for continuity.

Hope your day had some miracles, too.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Plus, Eddy looks like a supahmodel like that.