Saturday, November 09, 2013

Round Up!

UntitledI hit the like button in my feed reader, the favorite button on Twitter and I save things in open tabs like it's my job. My browser is so cluttered I feel slightly insane. Time to share here.

First off, better late than never, did you know that there are Pumpkin Carols? We're so singing those next year!

Something more timely is this list of 50 ways to get more bacon into your Thanksgiving!

I want to make sure that everyone knows that there's a lot of bad stuff happening to keep people from voting. Here's a good article to start with about how women are being kept from voting. Just don't think that it's only happening in TX!

Speaking of bacon, I found this list of questionable food swaps interesting. I knew about some of them but not all!

I always get sucked in by the ingenious life hacks. I never actually do them but I fantasize about it a lot. That TV console dog bed has been a dream of mine for ages.

Did you know you can take a typing test online? I don't know why you'd want to either but as soon as I found out about it I was compelled.

I am charmed and delighted by these fairy tale photos.

Our judicial and prison system is broken. Food trucks are often seen as hipster, privileged bullshit. One woman is walking the intersection of these facts. I love her work!

Site called Difference Between is a fabulous reference! (Says the woman who conflated two crazy men killed by grizzlies.)

You guys? Wearing a thong is a health risk. Let's be careful down there.

I knew you could make cake or a brownie in a mug. Here's a whole collection of them! Oh happy day!

This week's feminist GIF is priceless.

Could not agree more about this quote.

Are you in NYC? Want to come to this thing with me? It's about my friend, Ken Nintzel's art and the installation is gorgeous.

An infuriating chart showing how the anti-choice agenda is being funded in the US.

For more infuriating goodness there is this post about one family's experience of the NJ mall shooting.

OK, one last thing. BlogHer is going to be in San Jose, CA this year. There are only a limited number of tickets available. They have put out their call for ideas! Surely you have ideas. 

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  1. Great links...I checked them all. I've sent your blog link to a friend who just moved to Brooklyn, per her son's request. Hope she gets in touch with you, I think you would like each other.