Thursday, January 16, 2014

Write, Right?

UntitledWriting is weird.

Fortunately I like weird.

For the entirety of last year "Write" was on my to-do list. For most of the year I knew that meant spending 15 minutes or more on my novel so I didn't have to be more specific. This year I have some ideas but I haven't dug in yet. My long term first draft project is going to be some essays about a previous job. I need/want to revise the novel, too, but am reading a book that I made a feature in my writing even though I'd never read it before. I want to finish the book before I go back in to revise. It's a good placeholder to enforce a fallow period before I pick the book up again but also enforces a re-start date. There's that secondary project that came up while I was working on the novel. I'm plugging along on that slowly but have passed the pure inspiration point so it's a little harder to get my words in. Let us not forget that there's Listen To Your Mother as well. For the last 2 years this part of the season has seen me frantically writing essays for that (32 cities, probably one near you, have you booked an audition slot?). This year is no different. I've got two under my belt and am not sure whether I'll toss them both up for the panel to look at or choose one specifically. I should probably ask them what they prefer.

I've kept "Write" on the to-do list every day. (I have lists titled by days of the week in an app so I can check in and check off what I do every day. Don't you?) It's harder to check off when I haven't previously decided what "counts" as my writing for the day. These days I'm writing a lot of stuff for LTYM that's not for my performance, either. As well as learning to make our website bend to my will (Dear Wordpress, Suck it! No love, Kizz) and a few other things. Several nights I have looked at that "Write" item and had to think, "Did I write today? I feel like I wrote all day. But did I write today?"

In the face of that first world inner turmoil I was going to put up a link post today. There are so many lovely and/or important things I want to share with you (did you know that legalizing marijuana increases the price so leaves the door open for a war on poor people who continue to buy on the street while richer folks skate? did you know that Emma Thompson still wins everything? did you know that I'm freaking out about the net neutrality ruling?) and I have saved and saved the posts about them until I had time to put them together in a post. This morning, though, Bloglovin' unceremoniously dumped me out of their system and now claims they don't recognize me. It's like going to your high school reunion and having your name tag made out with a hyphenated combo last name of you and a girl you used to sit next to in English (happened to me).

The silver lining there is that I got to use that time to sit down here, put words on this screen, and reach out to you guys...whose blogs I'm not reading because Bloglovin' stole all my urls. It's nice to chat.

How are things by you?

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  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I love to-do lists! But I like the process of writing them out each morning and being able to draw a line through each item as they are accomplished.