Monday, May 19, 2014

Dog Toys

Mentally I am on a break. Physically I am going about my business as usual. Here is a video of a special toy I bought for my dog.

He gets to use it sometimes, too.


  1. your cats are so smart! what kind of treats do you have that they eat too? mine like the giant kong but never really mess with it. I need to put it out in the living room and see if they take to it.

  2. Kong Wobblers are fantastic. they don't pop open like other food-dispensing toys, and Charlee Bears (very low calorie treats) just barely fit through the hole so we mix them in with Rip's kibble to make it harder for her to get things out of it.

    keeps her busy at least an hour.

  3. My cats will eat anything so I put cut up natural balance in it, the kind that comes in a tube. I also put these nuggets of freeze dried raw food in. I used to put kibble in it but Ed would just bat it around to get the kibble out and not eat it and the cats get sick from kibble.

    Laura, I wonder if you have the bigger size. I'm pretty sure Charlie Bears wouldn't fit through the hole on ours. It's a wonder toy, right? Keeps everyone at my house happy. I just sent one to my cousin who recently got a puppy.

  4. yup, we have the biggest one. the cats couldn't give a darn but Rip will drag that thing all over the house. if she gets particularly frustrated you'll hear it crashing down the stairs. it's withstood multiple trips down the stairs with minimal damage.

  5. How cute! I'm afraid my cat would be scared to death as it moved....she's such a wuus!

  6. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Adorable! I need to get Daisy one of those because she's so smart and she needs some challenges.