Saturday, August 23, 2014

104 Years Ago Today

It suddenly occurs to me that Ed appeared shortly before what would have been Auntie Blanche's 100th birthday. Surely a coincidence.

Another coincidence is happening today. Our Misti is, perhaps even as I write this, rappelling down a 16 story building. She's doing it for a good cause and raised a bunch of money for a much-needed storm shelter as a condition of her "going over the edge."

When I read the date on the challenge I thought, "This is perfect. Auntie Blanche would have loved Misti." She would have loved Misti as a woman, a funny, kind, hard-working individual. She would also have admired the public, angel Misti who continually throws herself fully into all the things about which she is passionate. I'm sorry that they never got to meet.

Today, if you would be so kind as to raise a thought for both of them. I know they'd both appreciate it.

Photo credits: The black and whites are courtesy of the Exeter High School Alumni Association. The color was totally stolen from JB's Facebook. I hope no one minds!

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  1. This is lovely. Just lovely. I too, wish I had met Auntie B. We would've been fast friends. xoxox