Thursday, October 16, 2014

Round 'Em Up!

Do you guys know that I've had a tab open in my browser for months? It might be as many as 6 months. It's an old post of Our Bethany's about parenting. I wanted to share it but, I guess, wanted to read all the comments first. Then the comments became hard to read and I stopped and it's just been sitting there, waiting for all these months! Here's the link. The comments aren't like incoherent crappy spelling video of someone getting punched in the nuts comments. They're honest comments and emotional ones and the discussion gets a little heated. That's all.

While we're on the subject of Our Bethany. Her family is embarking on an adventure. You can follow along here.

On being afraid of the word FEMINIST.

Neil Gaiman's thoughts on good people and bad people.

A nice info graphic about how much money is saved when we spend money on family planning.

The dirty truth about what you're saying when you say that we can't raise the minimum wage.

The next like 17 hearted posts in my BlogLovin' feed are from Inkdot so you should probably just make a habit of checking in with her regularly.

Here are some guidelines for napping. I have a very hard time sticking to these guidelines.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the continued goings on in Ferguson, MO I've been doing it for you. It's not very efficient this way, though. You should be all over Twitter and blogs and news sites because this is where the revolution is starting right now and we need to build on this momentum. First job: Learn the name Vonderrit Myers Jr. He was 18 years old. 18. Not even old enough to drink in a bar.

Neil Gaiman boosting the signal on a double standard for religions.

xkcd did an informative panel on the parallel between interracial marriage and same gender marriage. It's not all that fucking parallel.

You should also just follow Neil Gaiman in all his media forms. But I'm sharing this bit about Doctor Who writers anyway because, SERVED.

This is a mildly sciencey article on a science blog about dogs and dog training. However, the subject is turkey and tryptophan so it's relevant to humans as well. The conclusions may surprise you!

Sometimes it's the little steps your kid takes that blow you away more than the milestones you prepare for. Go Schuyler!

I have been cold all summer. Yesterday I heard a dad and daughter on the way to school chanting, "We want autumn! We want autumn!" I had to physically restrain myself from shouting back, "You had autumn all summer! Don't be greedy!" I love the photo of Abbie Lynne at the bottom of this post and I love the way Sueb0b is writing about the heat, both internal and external, so I'm sharing this anyway.

This is a really interesting query about medical instruction procedures for discharging patients. They may have come to a conclusion in the comments but it's still worth reading.

This is a post about baseball songs. Part way through there's a bit about a song called A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request. I want to read the lyrics but can't find them anywhere. I will watch one of the videos as soon as I have a minute.

So, unsurprisingly some FOX News commentators said some foolishly nasty things about a female pilot in the UAE military. A group of US Military folks chose to respond. Their letter is basically what I always think of about 2 days after any argument where I'm totally right and the other person is a shithead. It's really a joy to read the whole thing so click through from the Feministing article to get the full scope.

That's my high note. I'm leaving on it.

Photo: A small portion of a gorgeous installation by my friend, Anne.


  1. i have to share this link with you, and this is the most appropriate place i can think of to do that.

  2. Thank you for the lyrics!

    I don't know if I'm ready for those maternity pics. They didn't look sweet to me they looked creepy.

    1. aw, really? i thought they were kinda neat.

      to be fair, though, i think almost all maternity photos are creepy. i appreciate the different approach he took with those.