Thursday, January 08, 2015

Wrapping It Up Another Way

Another beloved meme, first lines from each month. Before I even start to populate it I want to say that I'm scared that the first post of most months will be the photo challenge. I love the photo challenge and am committed to it but I let it carry the blog a lot, I think, and I should have supported it more.

January: I am thrilled to be starting my blogging year with one of our photo challenges.

February: In the past few years I have been learning about addiction.

March: Several months ago someone stopped following me on a social media platform I use  regularly.

April: Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day (NDFAD).

May: Heh, I opened up this page and realized that I haven't submitted my FAITH photo yet

June: I used to work for a billionaire.

July: Forgive my tardiness, please!

August: Little did we know that on the day before this photo challenge came due we'd get awful news about a boy shot down by police and the death of the kindest clown.

September: When I was in New England a few weeks ago MamaKizz gave me some photo albums with the understanding that I would scan them so we could keep them safe and look at them whenever we wanted.

October: If all goes according to plan I will have all of Sunday to myself.

November: This is one of the ones where I twist the rules.

December: Stay tuned for a very special announcement at the end of this post, please.

That September one might be my very favorite in a long time.

Photo Credit: Sara Gardens.

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