Thursday, March 19, 2015

What the Hell is Going on Here?!

It's been an emotional week on a number of levels. I haven't done one of these posts in a while, despite the fact that I've been saving links to share for ages, so now seemed a good time.

I loved this quick bit of advice. I hope she got her proportions right!

I save stuff from Whatever Etc. ALL THE TIME. You really need to check in on her regularly. It's a Tumblr so it's easy to skim over things you're not interested in but she's always saying smart, funny, relevant, intriguing, important stuff. Do the world a favor and keep your eye on her, please.

OK, one more, even though I could have linked every word of the above to a post from Lindsay I want you to read I am separating this one out because if it changes the way you see one young woman then maybe you'll see other young women differently, too.

I am constantly contemplating cutting the cord of my cable addiction. (Not until Sons of Anarchy is over, no, wait last season of Justified, no, then Mad Men, AUGH!). Free legal streaming services?

If I did not have a dangerously extensive stationery collection already I'd be buying all of these greeting cards.

You have more than a month to submit an essay for this amazing sounding anthology put together by two internet celebs. This reminds me, I need to submit for this!

This is an article by a colleague about how far to push your kids. I kind of wonder about this in terms of myself. It feels like other people are always pushing themselves harder so am I lazy? Or do I just know where I function optimally?

Is it crazy that I want to do this little science experiment?

This is not how I envision a love letter from Johnny Cash but it's one of those cases where it's kind of awesome to be wrong.

I don't know about this experiment on motivating children. I have to believe there are nuances not being tracked for her. This podcast bears me out on that, too. (Seriously, take the time to listen to that podcast. It's incredibly important.)

This is a check in with the life story of an amazing girl that much of the internet adores and roots for.

I'm not sure everyone understands this stuff about dog training. Please remember that every trainer should be able to clearly articulate what will happen to your dog when she gets something right and what will happen when she gets something wrong. You are entitled to ask that before you hire them. I encourage you not to hire them if you are uncomfortable with the answer and I encourage you to be uncomfortable with any answer that involves pain for your dog.

Did you know that SCOTUS thinks it's ok to fire a woman for breast feeding? Fuck. All right, to be perfectly clear what they said is that it is not discrimination which...fuck.

This set of photographs about how New Yorkers eat dinner (it's not instagrams of people's food in restaurants) is interesting. I hope the project continues. I want an even wider variety of subjects.

It has begun with miscarriages causing legal trouble for women. This is out of old sci fi novels. It's insanity. Please make it stop. (Vote.)

Do you talk to your kids (if you have them) about money? I seem to have an ok handle on money matters but I never feel like I do. That seems like an important part of the puzzle.

Usually I end on a high note but, you guys, let's end with impact. A cop drew his gun on kids having a snowball fight. A snowball fight! Unarmed children playing in the snow. Stop the motherfucking madness. (Vote.)

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  1. Miflohny2:15 PM

    If you come to Little Seal's party on the 18th, I'll give you a party favor of Ivory Soap for the experiment - thanks for the idea - he's have a science themed party.