Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5 Years & Forward

Today is what Mimi has dubbed our Ed-iversary. Five years ago today I was eavesdropping on my colleague's calls to her husband about a lost dog and around 3pm decided I had to act.

I was going to recount that whole day for you (AGAIN) when I got a message from Karen requesting a Treats for Everyone post. What better way to commemorate a day when I'm so grateful to have been found by my Little Lord Fauntleroy than to honor the end of another family's commitment.

This is Rudy.

He lived in a family with four other greyhounds and, from what I hear, held his spot as the class clown.  He fell and broke his leg, revealing cancer and was gone soon after. That is almost exactly how Teatown Jenny left us. Such a terrible shock. While we can be glad Rudy's suffering was short we know that his people's suffering has just begun. I'm glad they have other hounds to keep them company through this loss.

In accordance with tradition, please give your pets some extra special love, attention, and food today in Rudy's memory. Just for a little while don't make them work for it. Consider breathing, standing, napping, smiling, walking beside you enough to warrant the gift of something delicious.

I'll be treating the heck out of this guy as I wonder what our next five years can possibly bring.


  1. i'm actually home today, and just gave Rip one of my pb cracker sandwiches in his honor.