Monday, December 21, 2015

A Wolf in No One's Clothing

You all know Our Janet from the photo challenges.

I met Janet online because she was writing some brave pieces on her experience with cancer. Spoiler alert: She's in remission. Part of what drew me into the story is that she had two dogs at the time and during her treatment one of them had to go live with a friend. I couldn't imagine how hard that would be. I could see how it was necessary but thought that missing the comfort of my crew would make things so much harder.

Funny, though, I have never asked her about that.

The Final Photo

This weekend I got a message from Janet wanting to let me know that she had to help her dog, Wolf, on his next journey. While it wasn't wholly unexpected she didn't think it would be exactly now. It's less than a week to Christmas. She could have made another choice, waited until after the holiday, snatched some time to get used to the idea but she thought about what was right for Wolf and for him she let go.

Treats for everyone, you guys. No, more than that. No, little more. Yeah, just a couple more and then a few for the humans and then a couple more and there we go.

Much love to Janet and her Dave from over this way and to all the rest of you too. May your days be bright even if the merry is tempered.


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