Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Photo Challenge: AWARE

The entries this time are short and sweet and I love them!

Scroll down for the next prompt. I expect Our Janet will have much to enter soon as she's currently traveling on a grand adventure.

Knowledge is power and phrasing is everything, right Cindy?

I remember suddenly being aware of the light in this moment and deciding to take advantage of it. 

Let's do another play on words prompt. I choose FAST because our entry time will encompass Yom Kippur which involves fasting and atonement for those who follow the traditions.

Please enter by 9am Tuesday October 18th for posting on October 19th. Tag your photos with PHOTO CHALLENGE and AWARE. Check out the wonderful work in our Flickr Pool for inspiration. Also, let me know if you have any questions. The  appropriate email for that is Kizzbeth117 at gmail dot com.

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