Thursday, November 29, 2018

I Can Do This

I can do this....right?

Do what?


Like what "this?"

OK, well, like finish this job project.

When does it end?

December 17th.

OK, well, it's almost December so, yeah, you can do this.


I can do this...right?

Do what?


Quit it.

I can organize this event?

Which one?

The community one that's been going on for 50 years that could completely fail right here on my first year as organizer.

But no pressure, right?

Very funny. Can I do it?

How many events have you organized in your life?

I don't know.


Like community events?

Like parties and plays and outings, like events. Any kind of event.

Um....a bunch.

How many failed?

I'm sure some failed!

Name one.

Um....well, I don't remember, I've organized a lot of stuff.

I know you have! You're good at organizing stuff.

Eh, I'm ok at organizing stuff. I'm not as good at it as...


I was just going to say that...

Don't speak! You organize things and they don't fail. Sometimes they get weird but they don't fail.

Thanks...I think.

You're welcome. Are we done here?

I guess...except can I do this?

Do what?


I said to quit that!


Don't be sorry, don't do it!

OK, so I can do this 12 posts in a year right?


Thanks! But what if they suck?

That wasn't part of the deal.

Yes it was! I don't want to write shitty posts.

Maybe you don't but did the goal explicitly state, "12 Exquisite Posts in 2018" or did you leave it at "12 Posts in 2018?"

Well, I mean....


OK, ok, ok you got me. I can do 12 posts.

And so far many of them have been good, right?

To me.

And who else do they have to be good for?


Correct! Everyone jokes about blogging being self-centered but, come on, there's a grain of truth in every joke. At least one grain!

True enough. Next year I should be more specific.

You have time to worry about next year?


Maybe concentrate on finishing this year before you jump ahead to next year.

Oh. Yeah, right. But it's so much easier to think about next year.

Yes it is.


Why do you think?

Well, geez, I don't know. Because it's far enough away that no one has fucked it up yet?

That's accurate but disturbingly phrased. I'd say because it isn't real yet. It won't be real until you're paralyzed with worry about it.

So nothing becomes real until it's awful?

That's not what I said!

That's kind of what you said.

No it's no...ok, yeah it kind of is. And it's a little bit true. But not completely!

This is confusing.

Then stop thinking about it.

Stop thinking about if I can do it?

Stop thinking about next year...and yes, also probably a good idea to stop thinking about if you can do it.


What are you, a three year old?

At heart.

That's not cool.

Actually, it's pretty cool.

It doesn't matter. In fact, maybe it's good! Three-year-olds are better at living in the moment. Live in the moment.

This moment bites.

Then you better live it quick so it can be over and you can get to the next good one.


I know, right?

So I can do this?

Shut up and do it.