In My Life

 I wanted to make a page to hold my Life List. This way I don't have to copy and paste and check links every time I take a tiny step forward in service of it. In theory this will help me to take more frequent steps. Eventually I'd like the list to have 100 items on it. If you've heard me talk about something I want to do and it's not on this list please remind me.

Last Update: ??
Total Items: 50
Items Completed: 12
Items in Progress: 5
Items Deleted:  Be a buddy for an disabled NYC marathoner, Make a terrarium

1. Be able to accompany myself on the ukulele in performance for at least one song.

2. Visit Italy - DONE September 2012 It was fabulous and I'm still working on processing all the photos and writing about it. Can't wait to go again!

3. Visit South America

4. Visit Easter Island

5. Bring a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

6. Have a novel published - Due to a New Year's resolution I've been working on writing the novel (first step!) for months. This year at BlogHer I participated in a Writing Lab session called Finishing Your Manuscript. It was a fantastic discussion and we declared goals at the end. Mine is that I will be finished with my first draft of this baby by Christmas 2013. Now I've said it, hold me to it!

7. Perform on Broadway

8. Bowl candlepin again

9. See Todd in a play again

10. Beach vacation - warm

11. Go to the top of the Empire State Building - DONE, went on the coldest night of the winter in February 2011. Alita and Carmencita came with me and we had a great time. Now Alita wants to go on the hottest night of a year. Maybe next summer.

12. Train a dog to take the Canine Good Citizenship test - Still in progress, hoping to take the test in the summer of 2013.

13. Gallery show of my photos

14. Road trip across the US

15. Remove money as a concern (hat tip to Maggie and Karen)

16. Be paid for my writing - In progress. I submitted to an ebook that Blogher is publishing. Still waiting to hear. - Update to that update: The ebook didn't have enough submissions of the quality they were looking for so the suspended the project. After BlogHer I'm considering self-publishing a short book, probably in hard copy. If people bought it that would be getting paid for my writing, too, though different than I initially intended. Thoughts?

17. Develop an erotic fiction web site - DONE! How do you think it's going? I'm committing to spending more time on the site next year so if there's anything you'd like to see let me know.

18. Walk a meditation maze/labyrinth - DONE! I loved it. I'll explain more in a blog post but it inspired me to go out and find the one in Battery Park, too.

19. Develop my photography into a business - Still in progress, had great sessions this fall, have holiday cards containing my work rolling in, started a Facebook page.

20. Throw a costume party

21. Take a dog sled ride (hat tip to Maggie)

22. Take a Mondo Beyondo class

23. Work the Artist's Way from start to finish

24. Bring a show to the NY Fringe Festival -Might be on the way to this one....
25. Own a zoom and a portrait lens and know how to use them - I'm calling this DONE and I'm happy about it. There will always be more to learn.

26. Create another cabaret show - DONE!- And I'm probably going to do it again.

27. Record a CD/Finish the one I started

28. Attend Sundance Film Festival*

29. Attend Tribeca Film Festival*

30. Attend Edinburgh Fringe Festival*

31. Attend NY Fringe Festival*

32. Ride The Cyclone - DONE and it was fantastic! (See photo above.)

33. Visit 100 museums (already visited are in bold - 40, to date) - The Frick, Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of the City of NY, Guggenheim, The Whitney, The Tate, The Tate Modern, The Smithsonian, National Gallery (London), National Portrait Gallery (London), The Rodin Museum, The Louvre, The Gardiner, The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), National Gallery (DC), Ellis Island, Brooklyn Museum, Folk Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Shanghai Museum, USS Midway in San Diego, Musee Mecanique in San Francisco, LACMA, Uffizi Gallery (Florence), The Academia (Florence), Museo dell'Opera Metropolitana del Duomo (Siena), St. Peter's Basilica, The Vatican Museums, The Art Institute in Chicago, The Frank Lloyd Wright House (Chicago), El Museo del Barrio, The NYC Transit Museum, The Scottish National Gallery, Strawberry Banke, Sturbridge Village, The Museum of Science (Boston), The Cloisters, Graceland, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Madame Tussaud's (London), Madame Tussaud's (NYC), The Tenement Museum, The Lodge at Mount Snow, The Forbidden City, Museum of Sex (NYC)

34. Visit China - DONE in February 2011 and it was divine.

35. Train a dog to do at least 3 tricks (i.e. roll over, walk on back legs, bring something to me, speak etc.) - DONE, more than 3 and more to come! 

36. Perform stand up comedy

37. Go on at least one more trip with my dad

38. Go on at least one more trip with my mom - DONE See also: Italy in 2012

39. Be able to accompany myself on the piano well enough to perform at least one song.

40. Drive across the desert from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a convertible, preferably with friends.

41. Visit Rowan Oak in MS, the home of my favorite author, William Faulkner.

42. Complete a knitting project. - DONE! Several in fact. I made a couple of little coin purses and some baby hats and now I'm working on a scarf.

43. Throw a formal dinner party with cocktails and dressing up and the table set.

44. Open a bottle of champagne with a sabre (kitchen knife version is fine).

45. Get a tattoo.

46. Become certified as a dog trainer. - DONE April 2016 got my CPDT-KA

47. Run Eddie through a full agility course (not necessarily in competition).

48. Cook something you have to flambe.

49. Go back to Greece.

50. Visit at least one of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses. - DONE I did not remember that this was on my list. I just went to the house in Chicago because I thought it would be fun. Apparently my Life List has infiltrated my subconscious. I love that!

51. Be a speaker at a professional event. (Dog training? Acting? Photography? Administrative Assistantships? I'm not picky.)

*Attendance in regard to these is to really dive into them like I've done when I've gone to Edinburgh in the past. The first time I went as an adult I saw 19 shows in three and a half days. It was glorious!