Sunday, October 03, 2004


Theme of the week has been humiliation.

1. Gynecologist.
From the usual to trying to explain that I'm not a new patient to the practice but the last time I saw them was so long ago that most of the people there have never even heard of the doctor I saw. And it's not over. The peripheral fun was sitting in my cubicle, which is in a hallway, and having to call to make the appointments for the follow up bilateral mammogram and transvaginal sonogram. So I've got that to look forward to as well. What's particularly fun is that no one in scheduling at radiology organizations ever listens to what you're calling about the first time. "I need to schedule a mamogram and a transvaginal sonogram." And they take all your personal details and then they say, "Now what procedure do you need?" "Mammogram and a transgvaginal sonogram." "OK, I can get you in for the mammogram in 2 weeks and what else do you need?" "A transvaginal sonogram." My hallway cube is right out side of the 2 co-Deputy Chairmen and the CEO. They almost always have their doors open. And I've got a colleague on either side of me, not separated even by partial walls. I'm a rock star.

2. Pet.
Elvis, feline boy wonder, has a urinary tract ailment. Common. Treatable. Requiring, however, a vet visit to diagnose and treat. By the time I'd gotten him into the crate and to the vet and we got into a room he'd wet himself. A lot. The cat I dragged out of the crate looked part drowned. And he was angry. Wet, angry cat tail slapping back and forth, whatever it could reach. He wasn't happy and he wanted to get out. So I had to hold him. Clutching urine-soaked cat to my chest. I am glamorous.

3. Rejection.
I got my first rejection of my play, Susanna Shakespeare from a school. I had a personal connection, I've got family that was and is well involved with the school. I thought I'd get a little break. But no. There's good that came out of it. But I'm not ready to dwell on that yet.

4. Pain.
I was finally feeling pretty good. Going out to see a friend's play. I did my hair, I put on some make up, I'd put together the casual but hip outfit - so far as I can manage in that regard. I headed out just a few minutes later than I'd wanted feeling confident and fun and ready to mingle and enjoy. Halfway down the block I saw the bus so I ran. I've run for this bus from that far in those shoes hundreds of times. Truly. Checking the light as I rounded the corner I have no idea what happened. The thought, "I'm going to fall." flashed in my head. There was nothing I could do about it. Slow motion. Right down on my side in the street. I skipped once or twice like a nice flat stone on still water. No one did anything to indicate that they'd seen me. The bus didn't even slow down. I thought for sure everyone was watching me, though, so I popped up and felt that I had to keep on walking despite pain. Lot of pain, man, you slam my 140 odd pounds down on one leg and it can really hurt. And I ended up walking the 15 minutes to the train. Didn't feel so goddamn confident and cool then now did I?

Tomorrow we begin all over again. A whole new week.

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