Friday, October 29, 2004

Revising the future

The future, or at least my fears and predictions.

It was worth it to see the Sox win. So worth it. And unbelievable as well. My sphincter didn't relax until the last out was in the glove. Even then it wasn't real for a while.

I'm noticing that none of those Yankee fans that made fun of me during the first games of the ALCS have taken the initiative to apologize to me. Or even congratulate me. I'm not pushing, I don't want to get into that "Let's look at the record over the last 86 years, shall we?" conversation. This year was something to be proud of and I don't need anyone trying to rain on that.

What's been cool is meeting new Yankees fans, the ones who just like baseball. Always good to meet more baseball lovers.

I have been met with horror, however, at my suggestion that we might get either a World Series win OR a Kerry victory. I'm thinking about it and really it's not quite a fair trade.

Revision: We have no hockey this year (IDIOTS!) and that has paid fate for the Red Sox sweet, sweet victory. I'm just hoping that 4 years of Bush is payment enough for a Kerry win.

I sure hope the Get Out the Vote people are out in force at the Red Sox victory parade. They're expecting 5 million people tomorrow.

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